Why I’ve Started 2018 with Gratitude Everyday

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With the start of the new year I’ve decided I need to be more grateful. I need to remember my blessings more, stop complaining, be happy, and live in the moment. In an effort to do so I’ve started declaring one thing I’m thankful for a day. I’m doing so on my Instagram feed check it out at @ssageadvice.


Gratitude is so important in the effort to live a happy fulfilling life. I have found, since becoming a mother, I have been much more negative than I ever have been before. Why? I’m tired, I’m overworked, I feel underappreciated, I feel undervalued, and often times I feel down right hated by so many people around me. Since becoming a mother I feel invisible. It was really hard right after my daughter was born because it can be true. Once there’s a baby everyone wants to see the baby and mom tends to be left in the dust. I had a few close friends that were great about asking me about how I was but often times it was how was the baby.

Since becoming a mother I’ve also felt very off-center. Meaning I’m not sure of my place now. I knew who I was, but who am I now. There’s so much as a mom you have to give up, friends, hobbies, time, sleep, it’s rough. I’m working on getting back to myself, getting back to who I was, while still being a mom. Part of that is why I started this blog. I can write and it’ll be my creative outlet.

Mostly, I need to get back to happy. So gratitude it one way I’m working towards this. Check out my Instagram @ssageadvice to see the daily gratitude and more about Sarah’s Sage Advice, my kids and I.




6 thoughts on “Why I’ve Started 2018 with Gratitude Everyday

  1. This is a great idea to think of something to be grateful for everyday. I feel the motherhood has been the same for me and I also tend to complain and be negative at times. I want to become more positive.

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