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When Baby Won’t Stop Crying

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When you are a new mom there is a lot to learn as you get into a routine. Newborns only have one way to express themselves to you and that is by crying. Excessive crying can be distressing to both baby and parent alike. So why is your baby crying? It can be tricky to interpret your babies cry and understand what they’re trying to tell you at first.

There are definitely times where baby may cry for no apparent reason. Most often, however, they are trying to tell you something.

Reasons babies cry


The first you may think about when your baby is crying is to feed them. It can be important to feed baby before they start crying. This means recognizing the early signs that they are hungry. This can include lip smacking, rooting (turning their head looking for breast), and sucking on their own hand.


When a newborn is tired it can be hard for them to self soothe in order to go to sleep. Because of this they may cry and need to be held, have their back patted, rocked, or something to the like to help them sleep.


Infant reflux occurs when food backs up into the baby’s esophagus. The stomach acid can have enough acid to irritate the throat. All healthy babies have some reflux and may spit up, when there may be more serious condition you may need to speak to the doctor.


Babies are born with immature digestive systems. While the baby is digesting their food, breast milk or formula, gas may develop, and baby may not yet be able to get the gas out easily on their own. Fussing and crying baby may need to be burped or need other help to pass gas. Also, to try to help prevent the gas build up help your child not to cry too long no matter the reason, while they cry, they can swallow a lot of air creating excessive gas.


Colic is when a baby cries for a prolonged period of time with no obvious reason why. There are several ways to try to soothe your colicky baby including feeding your baby, holding them, and comforting them such as swaddling them, singing to them or giving them a massage.

Want to be held

Baby may cry when they want to be held. Often times, especially when newborn it can be a big shift for baby to be alone without the comfort and warmth of their mother.

Too cold or too hot

Baby may cry to express discomfort in other manners like they are cold or hot. Take in to account the environment, what they’re wearing and how you may help them either warm up or cool off.

Need a diaper change

Baby may cry because they need a diaper change.

Don’t feel well

Baby may cry because they do not feel well. They could have a cold, be congested, have a fever or other symptoms. Check their temperature and see a doctor if above 100.4 within the first three months.

With your children which of these were often reasons your child cried?


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  1. Love this article. This is a great resource for new parents out there. thank you!

  2. Sandra says:

    I remember these days of just not knowing. Oh how I miss the little babies.

  3. Monica Simpson says:

    My baby’s crying in the beginning was the most overwhelming part to me. I was so stressed because I felt as her mom, I should be able to figure it out every time. And sometimes, it was just a mystery.

  4. I had a couple that cried from colic for the first two or three months. It was my first and 5th. It was so hard! My second would cry a lot too if she wasn’t being held. I was so thankful that with her holding her made her stop crying!

  5. This is the hardest thing to deal with. Great tips.

  6. Babies are so cute. I remember calling my mum when my girl was crying because I didn’t know what to do. These are a great list of advice to new mums.

  7. Aswathi says:

    Oh I remember the days my son was down with fever and cold. Felt like the hardest days of my life. I would like to suggest one more- teething. I didn’t get why my baby was crying when he was teething. I thought it was too early for that. But then, doctor mentioned that the teething pain can start as early as 3-4 months.

  8. Both of my kids cried a LOT when they were babies. I think they were colicky and had reflux issues. I didn’t get much sleep back then!

  9. Great reminders – we have a newborn and a 4-year-old. So much time has passed that it feels like we’re first-time parents again. I appreciate the info!

  10. Thank you for sharing. After 8 years I have a newborn and this will be helpful.

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