Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I’d Love

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I admit, I’m hard to shop for and I’m not the easiest to buy for Valentine’s Day. I find it hard often to come up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas. I really never think that I am hard to shop for. If I was asked I could tell anyone a good three or four reasonable things I’d love, but I’ve still been told I’m hard to shop for. Why? Partially because if I truly NEED it, I’ll just go get it. Also because I’m a mom. I know this sounds like an excuse to anyone that isn’t a mom but it’s the truth. I’m a mom and because of that I put my kids first. If someone asks me what I’d like I tend to say things I’d like for the kids. However, there are many things I’d like they’re just not very tangible.

So what would I like? Here are my Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas….

A Night Off

I would absolutely love a night off. This means several things. First, I want to go out to dinner and a movie sans kids. I want to come home with them already in bed and I want for anytime one of them cries through the night for them to be taken care of by someone else. I also want that someone else to wake, get up and start taking care of the child without me having to wake and urge them to do so. Now I say things fully understanding that if I hear them, even if I know my husband has it handled, it’s really hard for me to just relax and go back to sleep.

A Hot Bath

I want a relaxing hot bath with an amazing bath bomb in a large Jacuzzi tub. You know the type, those large tubs that you can fit both your legs and boobs under the water at once. I really want one of those. With jets.

A Clean House

I’d love to have dishes done, laundry done, kids toys picked up, counters cleaned, floors cleaned, everything dusted, and god forbid toilets cleaned and I didn’t have to ask. (Toilets includes the puddle of urine that is always at the base no matter how good of an aim any male in your family is.)

Fun Kid Friendly Experience

I want a fun time out with my husband and kids. I want to do something that may cost us money but we’ll do it anyway. I want to share this experience with our kids and I want them to have an amazing time, no whining, no crying, just smiles and fun. (I know, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE)


I want time to get back to my hobbies before kids. I used to read books, I used to paint, I used to draw, I used to sew (still do a bit usually for the kids) and I used to crochet (same as sewing). I also used to tap dance. That one has bothered me the most. I have not tap danced for a year and half now.

A Shopping Day

I’d love to go shopping and just get what I know what I want and need without feeling guilty. This includes new bras that fit instead of the three pair I have that are so old they’re almost completely ripped apart, underwear too.



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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

25 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I’d Love

  1. I think so many moms will be so able to instantly resonate with this post. It really seems that once you become a mom, you just have no time for anything at all. It becomes such a luxury to spend any quality time alone or with your husband doing nothing really special but just enjoying some truly ‘relax time’. We all need that every so often to recharge and recuperate!

  2. I am sure a lot of moms would agree with this! Just having one day or night to yourself or being able to have a shower without hearing the word “mom” would be amazing!

  3. I am right between, I am very easy to gift but at the same time I am not easy if that makes any sense. There is a ton of stuff I want and would like to have, but if asked directly I can never really think of anything or give an answer.

  4. I can totally relate to the options provided as a busy mom sometimes we always forget to slow down and give ourselves a little treat of relaxation. We deserve to do these. ❤️

  5. I can relate to this one. Being a mother needs a lot of work, we are working 24/7 for our family most especially for our kids and sometimes we tend to forget to give time for ourselves and I think these are a great gift to get this Valentines. I like the ho bath it’s make me calm and relax most of the time.

  6. The clean house and hot bath are always on the top of my list. I always wish for alone time as well. As in a day alone-anywhere-here at home or a hotel where I can just read, Netflix, or do whatever I want with no one needing anything from me at all.

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