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31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice: Understand Your Thinking Style

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There are so many ways we think and we all have different thinking styles. These thinking styles can help us in many ways, they can be what is positive in our thinking and what is negative. They can be how we easily interact with some people yet have trouble with others.

Many of these thinking styles are unhelpful. They cause our inner voice to be negative.

Some of these include…

Black and White Thinking




Fortune Telling

I will be going into each of these thinking styles more in depth over the next couple days.

Thinking StyleWhy is understanding your thinking style important?

The first step to changing our thinking style is understanding them. There are so many unhelpful thinking styles, like the ones above, that cause negativity in our thinking. Our inner voice becomes negative. In order to change this negative inner voice, we need to understand where it comes from and where in our past it became that way. This also includes knowing that these negative thinking styles are more than likely irrational and incorrect.

What is our inner voice?

Our inner voice is more than just our conscious it is our self-talk. Our inner voice is a big part of how we work through situations in our lives. It evolves as we learn and grow. It utilizes our past, our experiences, lessons we’ve learned and helps us in work, family and friend relationships.

Our inner voice however can become very destructive. It can be what helps us succeed by bolstering our motivation and confidence or it can be what brings us down by self-sabotaging. This thinking that is a part of our inner voice however is not static. It can be changed.

Take home:

Do you believe you have a positive or negative inner voice? Just from reading the above unhelpful thinking styles, which do you think you have?

Follow the next few days to learn more about each and we will work together to identify our negative thinking styles and how that will help us change our negative inner voice.


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  1. my inner voice is, i think, mostly positive, but there are days when it is not.. will get back to reading your posts to learn more. thank you

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  3. my inner voice is def a sarcastic, negative beast… this is going to be a good series, i can tell!

  4. I know I struggle with negative self talk. I am working on changing but it is hard.

  5. I think I have a positive inner voice, even though, I accept that sometimes I have negative thoughts. Thank you for sharing such a priceless information.

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