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True Hospital Bag Must Haves and Many Things That Are Not Necessary!

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It can be hard, especially for the first pregnancy, to know what you need while you’re at the hospital during labor and after. There are lists upon lists online where people tell you their hospital bag must haves. Many I did not see as necessary. **This post contains affiliate links**

Comfortable Clothes

Once you have the baby and move from the delivery room to the recovery/post-partum room you will find you want to just be clean and comfortable. I took the chance as soon as possible to shower and get into my own comfy pajamas rather than the hospital gown.


Your Own Toiletries

Especially depending on how long labor lasts you will be sweaty and tired. A shower is the best thing to relax and rest after. Bring your own toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, razor, body wash, face wash, toothbrush and toothpaste. You do not have to bring your own towels unless you really want to. If your hair is long enough, bring your own headband or ponytail holder.

Slippers or no-skid socks

I honestly just wear my own socks if my feet were cold or went barefoot while at the hospital. If you prefer though it can definitely be good to have slippers or no-skid socks. When ready to leave the hospital due to retained water and feet swelling you might want sandals or something loose.


It’s very unlikely you’ll want to hassle with contacts and contact solution. Also it’s really not healthy to sleep in your contacts and you’ll want to take as much time as possible to nap, just bring your glasses.

Nursing Bras

You’ll want to bring at least one nursing bra to leave the hospital in. I honestly did not wear a bra the whole time we were recovering. Nursing Pads may not be necessary. It’s unlikely you will have enough milk for leakage the first day or two.

Phone Charger

Bring every charger you need, phones, tablets, e-reader, etc. I brought my iPad with a data line and watched a lot of Netflix and other shows rather than bothering with the hospital tv and channels they had available.


You’ll find your hungry and either one you’re not a fan of hospital food or two you’d rather not have your spouse, significant other, or other companion to have to make food runs all the time. Bring some snacks to help with hungry times in between meals.


You may want a couple pairs of your own underwear but bringing pads is really not necessary. Hospitals will provide you with BIG pads and even mesh underwear. You will have a lot of bleeding the first couple days and it will all last a couple weeks. When you head home get as many of the pads and mesh underwear as you can from the hospital.


You really do not need to bring diapers or wipes unless you really are insistent on a particular brand. The hospital will provide some.

Clothes for the Baby

Bring a couple outfits for the baby. I just brought a couple pairs of pajamas. If you’d like photos of the baby at the hospital maybe bring a cute outfit for that. You may want to bring a swaddle or two, but the hospital will provide blankets that are great to swaddle with.

Car Seat

Must have to go home is a car seat. Our hospital even demanded to see it before they let us leave. A good infant car seat is easy to bring up to the room and make sure you have baby strapped in correctly before making your way to the car.



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  1. I had all of these, but at our hospital, it turned out I didn’t need slippers or toiletries. They gave me a pair of nonskid socks and there were toiletries available for us as well!

    I just used the mesh underwear and pads they provided, but leaving, I used Depends instead.

  2. Great post. My hospital bag had very similar items as well.

  3. Such a good list i way over packed!

    1. Great list! Pinning it for later

  4. This is spot on and practical. Thank you for sharing this well-thought list. Good to know that the hospitals will be providing us with big pads as it’s a challenge to find one these days.

    Also, +1 on the phone charger. I tend to forget this often.

  5. I had everything that you mentioned above in my hospital bag ! I dislike when people add unnecessary items to the list. You’ve really mentioned the essentials, thanks for sharing !

  6. ashley says:

    All of these are definitely necessary. The only thing I didn’t pack was socks, so they gave me a few pairs and they were soooo comfortable.

  7. So true! I had all of these when I was giving birth!

  8. Monica says:

    What a wonderful list for mamas to be! For me comfortable clothes were a must. 🙂

  9. This is an awesome list. Our daughter came early so we didn’t have time to pack or think really of what to pack. A few of these items were things we realized we needed for sure!

  10. Great list! I thought I would be able to find some decent food at the hospital, but that was not the case. Snacks are a must! I was so hungry and the hospital food was not enough.

  11. ashley says:

    This is a great list. I will keep these in mind when im packing my pack in about 6 weeks.

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