Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I’d Love

I admit, I’m hard to shop for and I’m not the easiest to buy for Valentine’s Day. I really never think that I am hard to shop for. If I was asked I could tell anyone a good three or four reasonable things I’d love, but I’ve still been told I’m hard to shop for. Why? Partially because if I truly NEED it, I’ll just go get it. Also because I’m a mom. I know this sounds like an excuse to anyone that isn’t a mom but it’s the truth. I’m a mom and because of that I put my kids first. If someone asks me what I’d like I tend to say things I’d like for the kids. However, there are many things I’d like they’re just not very tangible.

A Time I Witnessed Clever Parenting

#Back before marriage and motherhood I taught dance classes for my local Parks and Recreation department. I had grown up taking classes from the same people that were now my coworkers and boss. Teaching kids definitely has it’s challenges like I’m sure every teacher, daycare worker, and many others can attest to, but there were …