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Should Husband’s Buy Their Wives Gifts on Mother’s Day?

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There are so many holidays over the year but only once is it specifically to thank and appreciate MOM. So as a husband you have your own mother to think about, true, and you definitely should thank your own mother for dealing with you as you grew up. But what about your wife, the mother of your kids?

No matter the changes in equality it is still that the majority of mothers are the primary care givers for children. Even when it is equal there’s another day for Fathers. Mother’s Day is about celebrating and appreciating mom.

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Should your husband buy you a gift for Mother’s Day?

I’d say yes! At least first as appreciation for being an amazing mother to his kids. Second, if your children are young, they do not understand buying or making gifts for mom yet. At the very least dad should be helping your kids celebrate mom.

What are some great, easy, cost friendly ways to show mom what a wonderful job she is doing?

Do an art project with the kids.

Help your kids make mom a loving piece of art, painting, drawing, or a special craft.

Allow her time to relax.

Get her a gift that allows her to have a relaxing evening without kids hanging on her. A bath, a book, time alone for peace and quiet for a short time.

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Clean House for Her.

There’s nothing better as a mom to come home to a clean house and all the chores like doing the dishes and laundry done for her.

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Mother Jewelry

I love Mother’s Jewelry. It’s an amazing way for you to commemorate to your mother the work she’s put into raising kids, the lack of sleep, the tears, and joy.

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Caffeine to Keep Her Going

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Dads, do you buy your wife a Mother’s Day gift?


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  1. The greatest gift that my husband can give me is just a bit of “me” time to take a breather and give myself the care that I need to allow me to be on my “mommy A-game”! Sometimes I feel a bit of guilt taking time for myself, but overall, I think it’s only healthy to clear my head and come back with a brighter smile and warmer hugs, as I learn to appreciate my family more, when I take a step away to reflect.

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