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31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice: Self Talk and Stress

How we experience life is directly correlated to language. Being able to name an item, an emotion, a situation, without language we have no descriptors. This is a big reason why our self talk has such a powerful impact in our lives. How we talk, especially how we talk to ourselves, can impact our mood and how we interact with others. It can impact our motivation and ultimately our successes. Negative self talk can also affect how we deal with stress.

Our Perceptions

Often times when we are told something ahead of time, what we heard can affect how we perceive an experience. For instance, when you’re in a hospital and about to get a medical procedure done if you’re told “This will hurt” you then expect it to and may think it does. If you’re told “This won’t hurt a bit” it’s more likely you’ll be able to handle the procedure without pain or little pain.

Negative self talk can have the same affect on stressful situations. When we think I cannot handle this, there’s a better chance it’ll be more stressful. Hearing “I can’t” often means you can’t because your conscious believes your thoughts.

Reduce Stress by Changing Negative Self Talk

By actively trying to eliminate negative self talk we can reduce stress and make it easier to handle stressful situations.

Identify Your Negative Self Talk in Stressful Situations

The first step in changing your negative self talk is identifying it. You must understand that what you’re telling yourself is negative, often irrational, and unhelpful. When you identify it you can actively change it.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Living and feeling healthy helps our mood and self esteem tremendously. Get out and exercise regularly. Limit junk food and eat healthy.

One Rule of Positive Self Talk

As you try to positive, follow one simple rule. Do not say anything to yourself that you would not say to someone else.


31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice

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