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The Difference Between a Meltdown and Tantrum

After my daughter’s diagnosis there was a whole new world we were thrown into I really didn’t understand. That is the world of Autism and Neurodiversity. The world of sensory overload and meltdowns. Before becoming a mother, I was the typical naïve and judgmental person in the store. The person that did not understand why …

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5 Ways to Save Money This Easter

Easter can be a holiday where the cost can add up, here are some great ways to save money. From Easter outfits, dinner, gifts, candy, eggs to hunt, decorations, and others you might decide to have it can all add up. How do you celebrate Easter without all the cost? Here are several money saving …

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Sensory Play Buying Guide

Sensory play is beneficial for all kids. In daycare, preschool, school, or at home, having sensory activities for your children can… Support cognitive development Helps children develop their knowledge Aid in development Enhance memory Encourage development of fine and gross motor skills Encourage problem solving skills Encourage exploration Encourage creativity Be calming Support language development …

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6 Lessons I’ve Learned Raising My Autistic Daughter

As a parent, when your child is first diagnosed autistic and you have no previous understanding, experience, or knowledge of it, learning and knowing where to start can be daunting. You will find all kinds of voices out there. People claiming, they have a cure for autism. People claiming vaccines caused their child’s autism; and …

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26 St Patrick’s Day Activities, Crafts, and More

St Patrick’s Day is a great, fun holiday, to share with the kids. Here are  St Patrick’s Day activities to brighten your holiday. Crafts Kid Craft: St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallow Stamps This is a great craft for kids of all ages. Even little ones can do it. Marshmallow stamps to make little clovers. What a …

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Tips for Managing an Executive Functioning Disorder

General life skills and tasks can be hard to start and complete when you have an executive functioning disorder. Executive function is a set of skills that includes flexible thinking, self-control, and working memory. These skills are used daily to learn, work, and manage daily life. When you have an executive functioning disorder it can …

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Valentine’s Day: DIY Strawberry Sugar Scrub

Valentine’s Day is coming and no matter if you’re dating, single, or married there’s one thing you should definitely do this holiday and that is to do something for yourself. Self care and self love is so very important no matter the time of year. A great way to practice some self care this Valentine’s …

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15 Journal Prompts to Promote Self Love Around Valentine’s Day

There are many benefits to journaling. It is a wonderful practice to promote self love. Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for many, especially if you’re single, but It can also be a wonderful time to build yourself up. Journaling is wonderful to work on raising your self love and self esteem. Having some …

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I’d Love

I admit, I’m hard to shop for and I’m not the easiest to buy for Valentine’s Day. I really never think that I am hard to shop for. If I was asked I could tell anyone a good three or four reasonable things I’d love, but I’ve still been told I’m hard to shop for. Why? Partially because if I truly NEED it, I’ll just go get it. Also because I’m a mom. I know this sounds like an excuse to anyone that isn’t a mom but it’s the truth. I’m a mom and because of that I put my kids first. If someone asks me what I’d like I tend to say things I’d like for the kids. However, there are many things I’d like they’re just not very tangible.