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How to Interact with the Autistic child in Your Family Over the Holidays

With most neurodiverse children, like Autistic children, the Christmas season can be very overwhelming. This overwhelm can be hard for any neurotypical child or adult to understand. There are many different ways during the holidays to make sure the Autistic child in your family is not completely left out and ignored due to their differences. …

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Sensory Play Buying Guide

Sensory play is beneficial for all kids. In daycare, preschool, school, or at home, having sensory activities for your children can… Support cognitive development Helps children develop their knowledge Aid in development Enhance memory Encourage development of fine and gross motor skills Encourage problem solving skills Encourage exploration Encourage creativity Be calming Support language development …

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10 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

I love Halloween and I love to celebrate by decorating the house. Also, I love to create things myself and do it a lot myself. I’ve always been a very crafty person. I draw, crochet, paint, sew, and really want to get into woodworking. So of course I want to start making my own decor …

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Deconstructing Internalized Ableism: What is Ableism?

Two years ago, my daughter was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. At the time of this diagnosis, I did have some knowledge about Autism but not much. I had extensive experience working with adults with Downs Syndrome and through that experience have met many autistic adults as well through shared activities. Those shared activities were …

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10 Ways to Avoid Princess Mentality In Your Daughter

My husband calls me an extreme feminist, he does so because he comes from a very conservative family but when it comes to raising our daughter there are many things we agree on. We do not call our daughter a princess and we try to not let princess movies become an obsession. I read an …

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10 Must Have Products for Newborns

While pregnant it can be daunting the amount of information out there. Information on product must haves, information on products that are unnecessary and trying to weed through all that information can just be trial and error. Ultimately each person is going to love one product and hate another, but I wanted to share some …

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The Social Construct of Disability: Reframing Your Thoughts!

There are many things we’ve known, grown up knowing, and just thought were fact, that are social constructs. Our society works in a way that tells us one thing is just the way it is when, other societies do or see things differently. For instance, gender is a social construct because biologically there are not just two sexes but many genetic possibilities. What it means to be feminine, and masculine is a social construct because those definitions differ depending on the society and culture you’re in. This is true also for disability. What is considered a disability depends on society and is made true by the norms and practices of society.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Real Man?

Many things we have learned, grown with, taught in schools, taught by commercials and television, taught by movies, are social constructs. The idea that someone is a “real man” if they do X, Y, Z, is absurd, because that means that someone else is not a “real man.” The idea of a “real man” only …

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Deconstructing Gender Roles While Parenting

As far as I remember I have always wanted to push the limits of what I can do. I have always been somewhat stubborn. If someone naysays or doubts my dreams, I push against that, push to pursue my dreams even harder, to spite them. Some of this has come very obvious as gender stereotypes …