How to Make Achievable New Years Goals

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New Year’s Resolutions can have many negative connotations, because of these negative connotations I tend to use ‘Goals’ over ‘Resolutions’. ‘Resolutions’ means you resolve to do something but often times these resolutions are not achievable.

Every year I do what I can to set achievable and sustainable goals for myself. This includes goals for my health, self-care, parenting, home life, marriage, and in my business.

What makes a resolution or goal achievable?

There are many ways to make achievable goals, here are just four that I find the most valuable.

1. Make goals that are inspirational and motivational to you.

Your goals should be something that is truly important to you. If they are not important and you have no motivation to stick with them, then you won’t.

2. Set SMART Goals.

I think I first heard the this one while I was still in high school, so you may have heard of it before too. SMART goals means…

It is Specific

It is Measurable

It is Attainable

It is Relevant

It is Time Bound

Doing each of these things helps you stay on top of your goal and each step to achieve the end game. Making small measurable steps also helps you stay motivated because you will see movement and success better than if you started out with one very lofty jump.

3. Write down your goals.

If you do not write down your goals you’re not committing to them. Write a To-Do list. Set out a plan then stick to it.

4. Tell someone.

A huge part of sticking to a goal is by sharing it with family, friends, loved ones. By Sharing your goal you clearly define it and create some accountability.

What Goals have you set so far for 2018? How do you plan to achieve them?



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9 thoughts on “How to Make Achievable New Years Goals

  1. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I think my biggest problem in years past was that I didn’t make more realistic goals for myself. Having a realistic goal, that actually is attainable in the time frame is super important to help you stay on track.

  2. This list is perfection! New Years goals are so often forgotten within the first couple months. I think your suggestions are such great tips to make them actually happen.

  3. Great idea to reframe Resolutions to Goals. I personally always hated the idea of setting New Years resolutions. They have such a high failure rate, why bother. But I think setting attainable and easily trackable goals is the way to success.

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