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I’m sure a lot of new moms feel the same way but I had a lot of trial and error with our first so far. I’m sure we’ll have more moments like these too. We followed most of the usual advice on products that were a must to get a newborn to sleep well. We used swaddles with my daughter but it was always a fight. We used blankets and velcro swaddles and she’d always fight them and get her arms out. I hated the fight to get her in the swaddle, then the fight in the middle of the night when she’d wake up with her arms out. I was very happy when she grew out of the startle reflex and we could stop worrying about a swaddle.

Love to Dream Swaddle

When our son came a long I tried the same old swaddle blankets until I was online and found the Love to Dream Swaddle. *Affiliate Links* I absolutely love this swaddle.

Zipper Design

This zip-up swaddle allows for babies to sleep with their arms up, which is a natural, relaxed, way they like to sleep.

Access to Hands

This was big for our son. He is a thumb sucker and having his arms up in the swaddle made him happier because he still had access to suck on his hand when he wished. It must be a much more relaxed position too. I definitely cannot imagine sleeping well on my back with my arms pinned to my sides.

Tight Zip

This swaddle comes in different sizes and is made with a soft, stretchy fabric. This allows for it to still be comfortable but to zip snug around baby. This is what keeps it useful like other swaddles restricting the startle reflex.

Did you use a swaddle for your child? What other products did you use to help your baby sleep?


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6 thoughts on “Love to Dream Swaddle Product Review

  1. It looks so comfy for baby and very warm. I think this would be great up here in New England for winter babies like my daughter was. This would keep them very warm!

  2. I always tried to swaddle my babies but they were pretty insistent at getting their hands out to twirl hair or suck thumbs. I just used blankets though.

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