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Is College Education Worth It?

With the rising cost of college there has been more and more questions with teens and young adults whether or not college is really worth it. I understand this question. When you may be looking at years of owing student loans, it seems like not going is a better choice. There are many that never go to college or drop out and are beyond successful, but that number, percentage of those that have that kind of success is very small compared to those who do not.

I went to college straight out of high school. I was lucky enough to finish my undergraduate career with two bachelors and only $6,000 in loans. This was because my father was able to pay my tuition for most of the six years it took me to do this. With two bachelors I could have stopped there but two years later I decided to continue and get my MBA.

My time in college had its ups and downs. It can be lonely, a lot of work, and it can definitely feel like maybe I should just give up. I never would want to change the decision I made by going.

Looking for stats on whether or not it’s worth it?

– College graduates age 25-32 earn $17,000 more each year.
– Millennials without a degree are three times as likely to say their job is just to get by.
– Almost four times more millennials without a college degree live in poverty.
– The monetary value of a high school diploma is falling.
– The unemployment rate for millennials without a college degree is three times as high than those with a degree. Source

Finding a job without a college degree is possible.

I’m not trying to say it isn’t, however, finding a high paying job, not entry level, can be harder without the degree behind you. Experience, does help you and even with a college degree you need experience, however if someone has your experience AND a college degree it’s more likely they’ll get a promotion over you.

Should you encourage your kids to go to college?

There are cons to consider.

– College is not a guarantee to a secure financial future
– It does cost money.
– Learning a trade may be a good option.

Will I encourage my kids to go to college?

Absolutely! In my opinion the cons do not out way the pros. College is not just about education it can also include personal growth, social growth, and other maturity growth. I do not regret my 8.5 years of college education and it has helped me in building my own business.



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