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Introduction to Sarah


I have never considered myself as anyone unique or different. I grew up in a middle class family (if you truly consider it that, the line between lower class and middle class is awfully blurred). I am the second to youngest of six kids. I am very privileged by any stretch of the imagination. I never had to fear that I would have what was necessary for me to survive. I went to college and studied my ass off for six years and graduated with two Bachelors Degrees (BBA in Business Administration & BA in Art History).

I have always had a job. Since I was a senior in High School I worked. It was very part time, I was paid very little, but I did learn responsibility, confidence, and self worth with that job.

I’m now married, a mother to a wonderful two year old girl and 7 month old baby boy. I cannot imagine being any happier. I have rough days, as anyone does. The hardest job I’ve had yet is being a mother. No sleep, working when I can, trying not only to contribute to my family emotionally but monetarily is hard. I don’t work full time, I’m a stay at home mom and I’m a working mom and I’m just continuing everyday.

This blog is to share my views, my education, my knowledge, and hopefully learn something from you as well. I know well there are plenty of things I’m naive about but perhaps I can share some bit of myself.


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