How Do Impressions Make Us or Break Us: Think for Yourself

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Strangers Impressions

I was wasting time on Facebook yesterday and came across this. I both love and hate this. ‘I wonder how many strangers hate me because of how someone else described me to them.’

Why do we let others make our opinions for us?

I’ve had this problem before.

Some of my problem is because I’m quiet, I’m anxious, and I absolutely abhor small talk.

It does take work to get to know me.

It takes keeping an open mind. It takes respect and understanding.

When you get me talking I almost always speak my mind. I’m actually very open and honest. I may trust a little too much. Sometimes my opinion gets me in trouble. When I’m comfortable, I’m myself, I’ll talk, I’m friendly, I enjoy humor, I enjoy intellectual conversations, and I enjoy just being.

I admit it. I can get on peoples nerves. I admit it. I’m a bit of a snob sometimes. I admit it. I roll my eyes at so many things I don’t agree with…. but, I am not a mean person. I do not put others down, I do not think I’m better then anyone. I do not think I’m 100% right. Believe me, I’m the first to admit I’m flawed.

So I ask you to challenge yourself as I do so too.

If you ever hear an opinion of another, take the time to get to know that person. Take the time to talk to them yourself. You may remember what the other person said but do not let their statements cloud your own judgment. Think for yourself.

My husband has a great outlook on this. My husband tells me how he gives people three chances before he passes judgment. He will not decide if he likes, dislikes, or is just unsure about a person until after the third meeting. During those three meetings he talks to them. He asks them questions. He tries to get to know them. Rarely after that third meeting does he have a negative opinion.

I am one that has had judgment passed on me before. I ask you. Get to know me, ask me questions, talk to me. I bet you by the third time you will like me, if nothing more you’ll be able to respect me.



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