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Gift Guide for Boys 2-5 Years Old

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As your child starts to walk, run, and become more active it may be hard to decide on gift ideas. Sons can especially be hard because there can be such a wide variety of toys and items their interested in. *affiliate links*

Here are some great gift ideas for Boys 2-5 years old:

Aqua Drawing Mat

If your son loves to draw and be artistic this mat is wonderful. Give him the chance to draw all kinds of fun pictures without the mess. Find it Here.

My First Number Train

Two things my son loves, trains and learning his numbers and alphabet. This train is a great option for him to drive around the train and learn his numbers all at once. Find it Here.


Kids Play Tent

Imaginative play is a wonderful thing to encourage starting around 2 years of age. This play tent is wonderful.

Find it Here. 

Little Tikes T-Ball Set

This adjustable T-ball set is fun for any boy that loves sports.

Find it Here.

Smart Shots Sports Center

If your son isn’t into T-ball this sports center may be a better bet. With soccer and basketball it’s a great fun toy.

Find it Here.


KidiBeats Drum Set

My kids both, especially my son, loves all things music. This drum set is perfect. He hears the music he makes while being able to tap along. Find it Here.

Tuko Car Toys Die Cast Carrier Truck

Many boys love cars, my son is no different. This carrier truck comes with many more cars. Serves as another truck and a storage for all the smaller trucks. Find it Here

Hide N Side

This full set of ball pit, tunnels, and play tent is a ton of fun for any toddler. My son especially loves the ball pits.

Find it Here.


Little Tikes First Slide

For any toddler wanting some sensory play a slide is a must. Perfect for fun sensory input.

Find it Here

Little Tikes Trampoline

Another fun one for sensory play. Find it Here.

iLearn Kids Bowling Toys

My kids love bowling. My son especially loves any sport that includes a ball. This set is perfect for many toddler or preschool boys. Find it Here. 


USA Toys Rocketship Play Tent

My son loves any tent or fort he can create. This play tent is a perfect gift and they have many other designs for boys or girls. Find it Here. 


Strider Balance Bike

This is a great bike for younger kids, toddlers and preschoolers. Comes in many different colors. Find it Here. 



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  1. These are great gifts to keep little boys active, especially the bike, slide, and trampoline.

  2. Emily says:

    This is the age for my nephew. I am going to have to look at some of these options for his Christmas gift.

  3. Monica says:

    Oh my gosh that little tent with all the play camping gear is so adorable! My son would love that! And I have been struggling with what to get him for Christmas.

  4. These are some great gifting ideas. My son loves vehicles and trains were his most favourite when he was 3+ With Christmas round the corner, this post comes at the right time as well.

  5. So many great ideas. I really love the tent set

  6. Gaica Santiago says:

    What a perfect read. Christmas is coming and I have done nothing. This could help in preparing gifts for my nieces and nephews and for my kids too.

  7. this really is the best list, my son has a lot of stuff here already and he loves his drumset and trampoline!

  8. These are all such wonderful suggestions, I know my little ones would love them all, especially the tent.

  9. […] Gift Guide for Boys 2-5 Years Old […]

  10. Shannah says:

    My kids loved that slide but even more that mini trampoline. They wore that thing out!

  11. Finding good gifts for little boys can be a tough challenge, especially if you’re looking for something that will help them to learn and grow, instead of just keeping them entertained. Personalised children’s book would make a perfect gift instead of toys if you want them to learn and have fun at the same time, books that contain personalised content are better facilitators of young children’s word acquisition than books which are not personalised for a child. In case you’re wondering, you can get them at

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