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Easter Crafts, Activities and More

I love Easter and since having kids I’ve grown to love it even more. I’m looking forward to every year doing different fun activities and crafts with my kids. Here are some great Easter crafts, activities and more.


Easter Books to Share as a Family

Reading to your kids is so very important. Reading holiday books can bring something new and exciting to your bookcase. This is a great list of Easter books from Babies to Bookworms.

8 Easter Picture Books

Here’s my own list of my favorite Easter picture books.


Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

As I was younger I always loved finding different coloring pages. My daughter also loves coloring. These are great Easter pages from Real Mom Recs.

Printable Easter Matching Game using Easter Eggs

I love matching and it is a great game for little ones to recognize similarities in objects. This great printable matching game is from Productive Pete.


Easter Potato Stamp

I love this. It’s such a fun way to bring Easter crafts to the kids and utilizing everyday objects like a potato. This is great craft from This Mom Life by Rosie.

Simple and Fun Easter Crafts

These are great different craft ideas for Easter from Modern Wife Life.

How to Make a Cute Easter Egg Wreath

Crafting is not only for the kids. Sometimes its fun for the moms too. This is a great wreath from Seaside Sundays.

DIY Floating Centerpiece

This Easter centerpiece is another great craft for moms from Dream Free Art.

Easter Chick Rock Painting Tutorial

This is such a cute idea from The Inspiration Edit and kids will love painting on rocks.

How to Make Cascarones (Confetti Eggs)

This is another great craft from Housewife Eclectic and who doesn’t love confetti.

Easter Chick Yarn Art

I love this yarn art idea from The Inspiration Edit.

Easter Egg Sun Catcher

I’ve always loved sun catchers. This Easter Egg sun catcher is from Sweet Frugal Life

Easter Wreath Tutorial 

This looks like a great wreath tutorial from Foxy’s Domestic Side


How to Make an Easter Egg Rocket

This is such a fun craft and activities for kids around Easter from Team Cartwright.



How to Dye the Perfect Easter Eggs

This is a great post from The Simplicity Journal. I always remember dying eggs when I was young.

Basket & Gift Ideas

Candy-Free Easter Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This is a great list of different candy-free ideas for your little ones from Connie Deal.

Simple and Easy Easter Basket Ideas

My little ones are still pretty small to have the prepared Easter basket for them. But I love these ideas from This Mom Life by Rosie and I’m definitely keeping them for the years to come.


Here’s another great list of non-candy Easter basket ideas from Our Tiny Nest.

35 Creative Easter Basket Ideas That Will Excite Your Kids

More great Easter basket ideas from Seaside Sundays. 

What’s In My Kids’ Easter Baskets 2018

This is a great Youtube video by Pink after Blue about their Easter Basket ideas.

DIY Easter Bunny Tutu Basket

I love this cute tutu basket from Stylish Cravings.

10 Book Inspired Easter Baskets

This are great book Easter basket ideas from The Gifty Girl.

Non-Candy Easter Gifts for Toddlers

I’m a big one for non-candy ideas for kids this is a great list from Parenting Expert to Mom.

Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

This is another great cost about non-candy Easter ideas from Centered at Home.

Despicable Me Minion Easter Eggs How To

I love Despicable Me and this a great post for Easter from For the Love of Food


15 Things to do with Easter Eggs (besides finding them!)

One hard thing about any holiday is utilizing the different items after the holiday is over. I love this list of things to do with Easter eggs because not only does it provide great activities during Easter but also great ideas after when you can still use the eggs. This list is from Connie Deal.

11 Simple Ways To Teach Your Toddler During Easter Season

This is a great list of activities to teach your toddler from Parenting Expert to Mom


Easter Baking- Cadbury Bird Nests

I love these little bird nests from Mommy Connections.

Peter Rabbit Garden Recipe

This is such a cute recipe from The Simplicity Journal.

Robin Egg Easter Cake

This cake looks delicious from The Simplicity Journal.

White Chocolate Easter Bark

These look delicious. A great recipe from Stylish Cravings.

Caramel Brownie Easter Egg Hunt

These are another great delicious Easter dessert from Stylish Cravings.

Make Easter Vegan This Year

This is a great post on vegan Easter treats from Attachment Mummy.

Easy Easter Dessert Recipe: Trifle Parfaits

These Easter desserts look colorful and absolutely delicious from A Hundred Affections. 

Easy Lemon Poppyseed Cake for Easter

Another delicious recipe for Easter from The Oven Light.

Easter Basket Chocolate Strawberries

I love chocolate strawberries. These are great from Eat Pray Workout.

Easter Bark 

Here’s another Easter Bark recipe from Take Time for Style.

Overnight Eggs Benedict Casserole with Creamy Hollandaise

This Casserole looks delicious from For the Love of Food.

Baking with a Toddler: How to Make an Easter Dessert Tray

I want to teach my kids baking this is a great post from Baby Castan on Board


Easter Holy Week Banner with Bible References

This is a great banner from Arrows and Applesauce.

Gift Ideas for Easter Baskets that Point to Christ

These are great Easter basket ideas that keep religion in the holiday from I Want Them to Remember.

The Sabbath Before Easter: Having Hope During Hopeless Hours

Great verses from the Bible to find hope from I Want Them to Remember.

My Easter Celebration Evolves – The Return of Magic

This is a great post from Raising World Children about celebrating Easter and finding joy in the holiday despite stress as a parent.
















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