4 Amazing Gender Neutral Toys

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I’ve always been pretty adamant that I try to keep items for my kids as gender neutral as possible. I will buy my daughter dress with flowers on them and I will by my son onesies with Dinosaurs on them because there’s just some things with society that has gender roles so engrained you cannot avoid them. But when at all possible I try to do what I can to teach my children that “boy” toys and “girl” toys are nonsense. So here are some gender neutral toys that I find are great for gender neutrality. *Affiliate Links below*

1. This Doctor Play set:

I want my daughter and son to know as they grow up that they can be whatever they want to be and whatever they strive to be. One thing that this may be is a doctor, for either of them. This toy set is great, gender neutral colors, and great for imaginative play.



2. This Gender Neutral Kitchen Set:

Before I became a mother I always thought I knew what I wanted and one thing was I was going to teach my daughter that she was not expected to just stay at home and be a mother, but I do agree my viewpoint back then was probably a little extreme. I said that I would never get my daughter a kitchen play set. Since then and since having my son too I’ve decided it’s not a bad idea but to get a gender-neutral kitchen set. Something that both my children can learn some domestic duties as they grow and have another great toy for imaginative play.





3. This Workbench with Tools:

I’ve always found a great value in a man that can sew his own button on his shirt and a woman that can use a screwdriver or hammer. This workbench is great for both my daughter and son to play with and pretend to build things. It is a great gender neutral toy option.






4. This Art Easel:

I’m a very artistic person, I have spent much of my life, drawing and painting and absolutely love it. Well before having my own kids I’ve imagined doing art projects with them and encouraging them in art. I’m a very strong believer in the importance of the arts in education. This easel is a great toy for both boy and girl to hone their artistic side.


There are of course many more options for gender neutral toys that help both boys and girls essentials and give them imaginative play opportunities that do not necessarily coincide with their gender norms. These are just a few great ideas before Christmas.



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