22 Lessons I Want My Children to Learn About Christmas!

Christmas has become many things. Christmas is commercial, Christmas is religious, Christmas is contradiction after contradiction and often Christmas is hypocritical. I am a Christian and I cannot deny these things. So how do I teach my children about something that is all these things? How do I teach my children the good and the bad? Or do I? Do I sugar coat the holiday? Do I just give them the Bible? Do I just repeat what preacher after preacher might tell us?

Motherhood Shared: Birth Stories, Gen Y Mama

The birth of my first born practically plays out like an episode of a sitcom. Everything I read said that waters don’t usually break like you see on TV. There was a good chance I would need to have my waters broken or that they would merely be a small leak. No one tells you …

True Hospital Bag Must Haves and Many Things That Are Not Necessary!

It can be hard, especially for the first pregnancy, to know what you need while you’re at the hospital during labor and after. There are lists upon lists online where people tell you their hospital bag must haves. Many I did not see as necessary. **This post contains affiliate links** Comfortable Clothes Once you have …

18 Dos and Don’ts for a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

It is so important while pregnant to take care of yourself. There are so many things you should do and so many you should not. There are also so many chances of judgment being passed on you for what you do or don’t while pregnant because everyone has their own expectations. Everyone has their own …

Am I Done Having Kids?

This is a question that’s been on my mind ever since my second child, my son Jacob, was born six months ago. I grew up in a large family, I have five siblings, my mother has five siblings. I have cousins and more cousins, busting from the seams. I loved it, most of the time. I always thought I wanted four kids of my own. Not as big as my parents had but not too small either. I thought it would be perfect.