My Kids Do Not Need Your God: Teaching My Kids to Choose for Themselves

I grew up around many different religions. In fact, my grandma was Mormon and my grandpa was a Boston catholic. I grew up in a house where religion was important. However, as I came into my own, I realized that I don’t want my kids feeling like it is the end of the world, thinking …

Things to Teach Our Kids So They Become Better Adults

As the new year approaches I’ve been thinking about what I could do to be a better person. How can I expand my growth further this new year? As I was thinking about this I came across this idea of what makes kids good adults. What do we learn as a child that is necessary to survive as an a loving, caring, successful adult? These are a couple things I think are important for kids to learn and things we should do to teach them as well as things our kids can remind us of as we live day to day.