7 + Spring Break Activities for Kids

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Spring break can be a hard time for kids to keep busy. We have some great ideas to keep kids busy, active, and away from excessive screen time.

Play Outdoor Games

Taking the opportunity during Spring break to make sure your kids get outside and enjoy the weather, find some great outdoor games to play with them. Here are some great ideas….

  • Scavanger Hunt
  • Balloon Tennis
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Freeze Tag
  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Jump Rope
  • Soccer
  • Kickball

What other outdoor games did you like playing as a kid?

Plant a Garden

Take the chance over Spring break to plant a garden with your kids. This a great activity where you can really involve your kids in the decision making. Where do you want the garden to be? What do you want to plant? Going to the store together to pick out the plants. Planting the garden together then teaching them how to care for them and the responsibility of doing so.

Have a Picnic

An outdoor picnic and playing at the park is a wonderful family activity.

Take a Family Trip

Finding a great, new, place to visit that’s a short distance to drive is a great way to spend Spring Break. Whether it is several day trips or one longer week long trip.

Explore Your Town

Find different activities and places to visit around town. Great options can include Children’s Museums, indoor play places, the zoo, different parks around town, walks downtown, hiking hills nearby, and create a scavenger hunt around town.

Host a Family Movie Night

Have your kids plan the family movie night. Work with them to agree on a movie to watch, what snacks to have, go to the store together to buy everything you need.

Indoor Activities on Rainy Days

  • Create slime
  • Make a volcano
  • Indoor scavenger hunt
  • Collages
  • Fashion Show
  • Balloon tennis
  • Living room picnic
  • Paper airplanes
  • Rock painting
  • Build forts
  • Puppet show
  • Board games
  • Bake

How do you like to spend Spring Break with your kids?


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11 thoughts on “7 + Spring Break Activities for Kids

  1. Look like fun ideas for spring break. It also means that the weather should be warming up. My guys love the outdoors, so any time spent on our patio or yard is fine by them. And I like the early spring because the bugs are not awake yet.

  2. I love the idea of exploring your own town. I also love the idea of a family movie night but going to the store together to pick out the snacks. So fun!

  3. We were just trying to figure out what we’re going to do on spring break. We have gorgeous weather where we live so were thinking about going to where it’s cold. Love the idea of planting a garden! So fun!

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