55 Memorable Mother and Son Date Ideas

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Making sure you can have some individualized time with your children is really important. My son just turned three and we’ve been discussing having mother/son dates as he grows up. He’s just at a great age to start.

I grew up the second to youngest of six kids. It can be easy when children are not alone, have siblings, to have alone time glossed over. But to make sure your child feels loved, heard, and appreciated it’s wonderful to make sure you each (mom and dad) spend individual time with each child.

Here are some great ideas for mother and son dates:

  1. Concert
  2. Ice Cream or Coffee
  3. Activity Place
  4. Batting Practice
  5. Golf
  6. Give to Others
  7. Skateboard Fun
  8. Bookstore
  9. Pet store
  10. Fishing
  11. Go-karts
  12. 4 wheeling
  13. Ziplining
  14. Bumper cars
  15. Kickboxing
  16. Horseback riding
  17. Road trip
  18. Geocaching
  19. Cook something together
  20. Camping
  21. Video games
  22. Watch a movie
  23. Explore the backyard
  24. Have a picnic (inside or out)
  25. Practice soccer
  26. Build a fort
  27. Craft day
  28. Do a puzzle
  29. Water fight
  30. Star gaze
  31. Have a dance party
  32. DIY project
  33. Play light sabers
  34. Swim
  35. Draw with chalk in the driveway
  36. Read together
  37. Miniature golfing
  38. Fly a kite
  39. Play at the park
  40. Visit the zoo or local museum
  41. Go bowling
  42. Take a bike ride
  43. Make sandcastles
  44. Go to a sporting event
  45. Indoor rock climbing
  46. Laser tag
  47. Story time at the library
  48. Farmer’s Market
  49. Roller-skating/blading
  50. Carnival
  51. Monster Truck rallies
  52. Jet boat
  53. Hiking
  54. Touch football
  55. Participate in a charity run


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