50 Fun and Romantic Anniversary Ideas

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Whether you have coming up a dating or marriage anniversary it can be great to celebrate the time together. Relationships and marriage are hard. It should not be downplayed or otherwise forgotten. Work is put in everyday to be successful, to keep a marriage going, and to constantly be there for the other person. So how do you honor that work and love? Here are some great ideas for celebrating your anniversary.

Fun and Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Spend an evening with no technology.

Play a board game.

Play a card game.

Make wine or beer together.

Have a lazy day.

Write your love story.

Have a fondue dinner and dessert.

Go on a scenic drive.

Go camping.

Take a backpacking trip.

Explore a new city.

Rent a cabin.

Go spelunking.

Go on a hot air balloon ride.

Go skydiving.

Go snorkeling or scuba diving.

Go white water rafting.

Take a cooking class together.

Take a sip and paint class together.

Take a dance class together.

Do a scavenger hunt.

Go to a drive in movie.

Tour an art gallery.

Go fishing.

Serve your spouse breakfast in bed.

Have a picnic in the park.

Relax at the spa.

Revisit your first date spot.

Walk around a botanical garden.

Visit a street fair.

Go on a hike.

Go on a coffee date.

Watch the sunrise.

Watch the sunset.

Go ice skating.

Participate in a trivia night.

Visit the beach.

Surprise your partner with a boudoir album made for them.

Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do together before you die.

Rent a hotel room for the night.

Rent a boat and go on a sunset cruise.

Play strip monopoly

See a live theatrical production.

Recreate your first dance.

Order dinner for two from one of the nicest restaurants.

Opt for a special bottle of wine or champagne.

Be nostalgic with old photos.

Order a date night in a box.

Go to the location where he/she proposed.

Plan a vow renewal


However you celebrate your anniversary remember the love, good times, memories, and work it takes to keep your relationship or marriage strong.



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15 thoughts on “50 Fun and Romantic Anniversary Ideas

  1. Ohh I love these ideas. We have to have our anniversary at home with our kids so we usually do the board or card games when they go to bed. And a nice dinner for all of us.

  2. These are such fun ideas and we have our anniversary coming up later this week!!! I need to narrow this list down to at least 5 and pick those we can do while sheltering in place 🙂 thank you..

  3. These are great ideas! My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary next month and I am not really sure if we can celebrate the usual way since traveling is limited due to the pandemic.

    Love the idea of having a fondue dinner and dessert while being nostalgic with old photos. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I love these ideas. I think the simple things can sometimes turn out to be the best anniversary celebrations.

  5. These are all such cute ideas. I have an anniversary coming up soon, and it would be nice to put together a few of these ideas.

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