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5 Ways You Can Prepare for Christmas Early

Christmas can come quickly. It’s already August and this year has gone by quick. In an effort to prepare for Christmas this year early I’ve been taking steps to get organized. I’d really love to have everything done hopefully reducing the stress of the holidays. Here are some things I plan to do starting now.

Make Christmas Cards

We love to design our own Christmas cards every year. Sometimes this may mean getting dressed up for a family photo, sometimes we just use our most recent family photo even if they are not “festive.” Either way having them designed, printed, and a list of addresses started is one less task on your to do list as December approaches.

Make a Budget and Start Saving

Plan for exactly how much you’re willing to spend for Christmas. This also entails planning for who you’re getting gifts for. This can mean just your own children or perhaps you’re going to buy for more extended family. We have a large family on both sides, and I like to DIY gifts. Sew, crochet, and create different items. This takes time but also a plan to who will be getting what and how I can get them all done before Christmas.

Create a Gift List

Create a list and plan for what you want to get each person. Start coming up with ideas. If you’re like me and like making gifts, get to working on them early.

Stock Up on Gift Cards

Not sure what someone in your family might want? A gift card is a good way to gift them in a way they can utilize how they want. No waste of buying or making something they won’t use. Get gift cards each time you go to the store and stock up. Know they like a specific store ore restaurant? Take a trip there and get a gift card early.

Plan ahead teaching your children to gift.

Do not only plan how you’re going to get gifts for your child, help your child understand gifting to others too. Help them plan a gift list. What do they think each person will want? How can they make or buy those gifts by Christmas? Help them save or make each item and store them in a safe place until it’s time gift their gifts.

How do you like to prepare for Christmas ahead of time?


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