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5 Ways to Save Money This Easter

Easter can be a holiday where the cost can add up, here are some great ways to save money. From Easter outfits, dinner, gifts, candy, eggs to hunt, decorations, and others you might decide to have it can all add up. How do you celebrate Easter without all the cost? Here are several money saving tips.

Buy the Candy Last Minute

When it comes to buying candy for Easter, whether for the basket or for your Easter egg hunt, there are several ways to save on candy. Buy candy last minute. As the prices start to go down you may have less choices, but stores will be doing what they can to sell off their stashes for the holiday. Buying candy that is not specialty for Easter is always a great option as well. There’s no need for Easter decorated wrappers and pink candy, all of which gets marked up substantially.

Save Plastic Easter Eggs Each Year

Buy and fill your own Easter eggs rather than buying specialty filled eggs. Then after the first year of buying plastic Easter eggs to fill, save them. Store away the plastic eggs to get out every year rather than buying new.

Forgo Extravagant Gifts

When creating Easter baskets for your kids and buying gifts make sure you stick to things your children NEED rather than want. This could be some new clothes for Spring, new toothbrush, new shoes, etc. No need to buy expensive toys that are unnecessary for the holiday.

Buy at the Dollar Store

There are so many Easter decorations, plastic eggs, and even candy you can buy at the dollar store near you. The dollar store is also great for finding objects to repurpose for your needs, whether for crafts, decorations, or other activities.

Buy Easter Outfits ahead of time

Easter outfits were always huge for my family, even if we didn’t make the trip to church on Easter. In order to save money, we try to buy Easter outfits right after Easter and buy sizes big for the kids to fit into next year. Also, find clothes that are not marketed as Easter outfits but fit the style. This can mean dresses or dress shirts that are bright, Spring colors.

How do you try to save money for Easter?

What’s your favorite part of the holiday?


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