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5 Ways Family Vacations are Good for Kids

Some of the best memories I have from growing up are the memories of traveling with my family. Yes it can be tiresome and yes as a kid I am not sure I really cherished it at the time. I’m sure I complained too much. I am absolutely sure I drove my parents batty when I fought with my brothers, but still, today, the memories of traveling have been so meaningful to me.

Do you have a family vacation on the horizon? I know the idea can be stressful and tiring but ultimately they are worth it.

There are actually many benefits to kids that come from going on family vacations!

Spending Time Together

The everyday hustle with parents working, kids in school, not to mention every after school activity, many families do not have a lot of together time in their everyday lives. Taking a vacation can provide your family with a time to be together, focus on one another, and bond. This is very important for kids, especially little ones, that need the time and attention from mom and dad that may go to the wayside a bit too much in their everyday lives.

Change and New Scenery

A child’s ability to adapt to change is very important. Fostering a child’s growth and adaptability as they grow older is key to their success as an adult. Vacations provide a wonderful way to foster a child’s adaptability. Spending time in one, or multiple, new places, helps them to understand the change, see new places, new things, and not get overwhelmed by them.

Build Intelligence by Experience

Kids can learn so much by seeing new things, experiencing new places and people, and learning about the history and culture as you do it. Taking family vacations, especially geared toward locations that can be a learning opportunity, helps your child learn new things. Also the growth of intelligence by experience alone, this fosters a greater motivation in kids to want to learn more, see more, and be more as they grow up.

Build Love for Experiences Rather then Materialism

Vacations can teach your child that experiences are wonderful. You only live once and the memories of going places, being with loved ones, and having fun is far better then having a new gift. I remember my family vacations growing up and even today if it came down to spending money on a new TV versus taking a weekend trip to the coast I’d choose the coast.

Stress Relievers

As adults we forget that everyday life is stressful for kids too. We are stressed about work, money, paying bills, getting the new promotion we overlook the stresses of childhood. Kids stress about school, good grades, being friends, making friends, playing sports, or just doing too much in general. Taking a vacation is a wonderful way to get away from those stresses, have fun, and just relax. This is true for both parents and kids.

Do you go on a family vacation yearly? What’s your favorite place to go?



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