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20 + Products Mom Actually Needs

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Time and time again product lists show products for mom but really they are products for baby. I wanted to highlight products that really make mom lives better for themselves, products mom actually needs, not just for baby. *affiliate links* Select the picture to find amazing deals on each product.













Motherhood is probably a time, especially when kids are young, where you will be constantly exhausted. Remember this when finding a gift for a mother. They could probably use a daily dose of caffeine. A at home coffee maker is wonderful, like a Keurig. I however am huge on trying to minimize waste, buy some refillable K- cups too.Find their favorite coffee or share your favorite with them, finally a nice thermos for on the go.














I admit it, I’m not a huge wine drinker, but I have grown to have a good respect for wine since becoming a mother. It’s understandable why so many enjoy it so much. Buy them their favorite wine or your favorite to share and enjoy it with one of these fun, stainless steel wine glass tumblers.










Breastfeeding can be severely lacking when a mom is not hydrated enough. I love this water bottle, it self seals so no worries if children get ahold of it, it will not spill.













At Home/Nursing


Comfy/Yoga Pants

I am not sure anyone would truly understand how nice it is, during pregnancy, and after baby is born to just wear something comfy. Confining jeans or other clothes are just not fun at first. Besides, when baby is a newborn you’re usually around the house just relaxing and trying to get into the swing of things with a newborn. These yoga pants and maternity lounging pants are amazing.


Nursing Tanks

Nursing shirts or tanks really are a necessity when breastfeeding, especially if you’ll have friends and family visiting, or will be out in public. It is so much easier to stay covered when wearing a nursing top.















Washable Bamboo Nursing Pads

Again, I do really like to limit my waste as much as possible. These washable nursing pads are great to use, wash, and reuse.











Belly Wrap

Postpartum support can be a necessity to some women. I actually bought one of these but even at the largest size it did not fit me. So really pay attention to measurements when buying.













Moby Wrap

Newborns are often very clingy to their food source, mom! That being said, it can be hard at times to get other things done, like laundry, dishes, and other cleaning or cooking, when you cannot put baby down. A Moby Wrap was my life saver. The only thing I warn against with Moby specifically, the fabric is really thick, so in the warmer months if outside with it, it can really make you and baby very warm.















Herbal Heating Pad

Aches and pains after labor and delivery can last awhile. Also, there are new aches and pains the first couple weeks. I had all kinds of neck, shoulder, and upper back pain due to bad posture while breastfeeding. This herbal heating pad is wonderful to have on hand to soothe those aches.












Kindle Fire/Books

I used to be very adamant that I’d always prefer a paper book rather than an e-reader. Then I became a mother and I have to tell you, it really is so much easier to have a Kindle, iPad, or other Tablet to read. 














Netflix Subscription

Just buy them a month even and you will have one happy, postpartum, breastfeeding mama.

Amazon Prime

One year of Amazon Prime can save a mama so much money, also it can save them a lot of stress and heartache, it is so much easier then lugging babies to the store, especially newborns in Winter.


Postpartum Fitness


I’ve never actually used a fitbit but I do pay attention to steps and miles I walk according to my iPhone, Health app, I’m sure a fitbit would be better.











Jogging Stroller

I’ve actually been telling my husband lately we need a jogging stroller. 1. Because I’d like to actually try to get into running, 2. Because they are far more versatile. They glide through grass in parks so much nicer then others.
















Skin Care/Hair Care

Skin Owl Face Oil

Dry skin much during the postpartum period? This works wonders.















Dry Shampoo

I personally do not really understand the dry shampoo thing but so many moms swear by it and it may be the perfect gift.










What other products could you not live without?



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  1. I love that you added a coffee machine! LOL it should be given to moms for free at their birth :-p

  2. Yes! To all of these! I just splurged and bought a double running stroller that was more than my car payment, but it was totally worth it!

  3. Yes, I agree! I have about 70% of the things you mentioned here. 🙂

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