16 Fun and Easy St Patrick’s Day Crafts

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I have always loved St Patrick’s Day. As a child I remember always wearing green to school and doing fun St Patrick’s Day crafts in school. These are some great craft ideas to do with your kids either at home or in school.

DIY Leprechaun Mask

This leprechaun mask is so fun to make with your kids and let them play with after. A great imaginative play activity after making the mask. From Modgepodgerocksblog.com.

Shamrocks and Gold Nuggets Craft

Painting rocks can be a fun activity for the kids. It puts a little bit of exploration in the fun since you can have fun looking for the rocks first. From sustainmycrafthabit.com

Leprechaun Handprint Craft

This is a fun handprint using your child’s hand cutout to create the leprechaun. From simpleeverdaymom.com

Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet

This is another fun craft your kids can do at home or in the classroom. From Simpleeverydaymom.com

St Patrick’s Day Garland

This is a fun craft to do with the kids then decorate the house with. From meanwhileatnaptime.com.

St Patrick’s Day Top Hat Craft

I love this little top hat craft this is so fun to do with the kids. Partywithunicorns.com.

St. Patrick’s Day Favor Box

This is a great way to create a box of treasures with your kids. From partywithunicorns.com.

Shamrock Shaker

My kids love anything that makes noise. This shaker is a perfect craft to do with your kids. From darcyandbrian.com.

Thumbprint Shamrock Keepsake Frame

I love to have keepsakes of my kids that remind me of how small they once were. This is a perfect craft to do with your kids and look back on as the years pass. From whenisdinner.com.

Shamrock Magnet Craft

Another great craft to do with the kids and then show off their work. From whenisdinner.com.


Edible Gummy Bear Slime

My kids love making slime. Finding a way to make green slime for St Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday activity and craft. From inthekidskitchen.com.

Rainbow Wheel Color Matching Game

There are many lessons you can be teaching your child that corresponds with St Patrick’s Day. Utilizing the rainbow this time of year to teach about colors is an amazing craft and activity. From thesoccermomblog.com.

Rainbow No Sew Fleece Scarf

Finding new and fun ways to teach the rainbow and let your kids go out on St Patrick’s Day dolled up is something I love to do. From thesoccermomblog.com.

Pot of Gold Corner Bookmarks

Anything to encourage reading is amazing for kids. Crafts to create bookmarks is so fun. I love these Pot of Gold bookmarks from printablesfairy.com.

Craft Stick Leprechaun Hat

Nothing better then a good craft using craft sticks. From craftsbyamanda.com.

Cereal Box Leprechaun Trap

I love crafts that then can be used to help build your child’s imagination. This is an amazing leprechaun trap from craftsbyamanda.com.



How do you like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with your kids?


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  1. There are so many cute ideas here, I love the garland and I know my kids would love the painting rocks. Thanks for sharing this.

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