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13 Monumental Ways to Help Your Childs Mental Health

It is not easy for children to understand their own emotions and feelings, due to this it can be hard to understand their behaviors, fears, and anxieties. In order to help them, as parents, we need to understand what is necessary to support their mental health. Helping to strengthen your child’s good mental health can have long lasting, strong, effects on your children into adulthood. There are so many small, every day, ways we can help strengthen our children’s mental health. Here’s a wonderful list you can implement today!

Childs Mental Health

Love Them Unconditionally

No matter mistakes your kids make, decisions they make about what to do or who they are, love your child and show them that love. Assure your child every day that no matter what you will love them. This helps them to come to you when they need to.

Allow plenty of time for play

Children need to move, have fun, and utilize the loads of energy that they have. Let them have plenty of time throughout the day to play, independently and give them your attention and time that you play with them.

Listen to them

Listen to your child and know when to ask prodding questions in order to help them work through their feelings and concerns. Help them, but do not answer for them, let them work out what they’re feeling on their own. Do not interrupt them and give them your ear when they need it.

Talk about feelings

Talk about feelings daily. Help them understand when they are sad and why, why their happy and why, this will help them identity other feelings and what is causing it as they come along.

Discipline with Respect

DO NOT shame your child for their feelings or when needing discipline. Discipline when necessary with understanding and respect.

Let them do things on their own

Encourage independence. The growth of self-esteem and self-assurance is closely tied to a child’s ability to be independent and do things for themselves. Give your child opportunities to do things for themselves, praise them for doing so and help them work through mistakes so they pick themselves back up and continue.

Be InvolvedChilds Mental Health

Stay aware of what is going on with your child. Be involved. Talk to them, listen, and make sure you are always approachable when they need you.

Instill a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that a person’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work, practice, dedication, and motivation. A great way to help your child continue to work on their growth mindset. Kids with a growth mindset have higher self-confidence and self-esteem. Help them to build their growth mindset by praising their efforts rather than their results.

Cut Out Criticisms

Constant criticism can decrease your child’s self-esteem. Make sure you give them praise and reassurance. Then help them learn how to take and give constructive criticism. Focus on your kids strengths before their weaknesses.

Make Sure They Get Good Sleep

Do everything you can to ensure your kids get enough sleep. Be strict about bedtimes and keep schedules.

Childs Mental HealthHelp Them Pursue Stress-Relieving Activities

Help your child pursue activities in which they have fun and can be stress-relieving for them. This can be a different activity for each child. Help them understand what is fun and relaxing for them.

Create an atmosphere of trust, honesty, and respect

Create an atmosphere that shows that you love your children unconditionally. You should not only love them but make sure they know that no matter what they do you will still love them. This includes making sure they understand you respect their opinions and feelings by listening to them. Also, be rewarding honesty you build an environment where your child can tell you anything.

Get Help When Needed

Realize you may not be able to be everything your child needs. Get the help they may need when they need it. Do not think of it as a failure in your own abilities but rather the strength in your parenting to be willing to admit you can’t always do it all. Also help your children understand that as well, it’s okay to ask for help when they need it.

When you were a child what was something you wish your parents did for you?


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