10 Ways to be an Outstanding Parent

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There are many hard jobs you can take on as you get older. Parenting is definitely one of them. There is no one right way and there is no instruction manual. As a parent you now responsible for the health, happiness, and general wellbeing of another human being. But there are ways to be an outstanding parent.

However, it’s important to remember there’s no such thing as perfection and trying to strive for perfection can just be a stressful battle.

Play with your child

It’s important to take time to be with your child and play with them in a way they enjoy. Do not try to force activities on them because they are what you want them to do. You may have them try but if the continue not to like them then do not continue to force them.

It’s also okay to not always play with your child. Kids can and should learn to be independent and that includes learning to entertain themselves when they need to.

Respect parenting differences

Respect others parenting styles. If it does not directly affect your or your children then there’s no need to be judgmental. Do not talk badly about other parents, especially in front of your kids. This is also an instance of modelling behavior for your kids.

Take Charge

Do not be afraid to make sure children are set limits. It’s good for order, routine, and discipline when necessary. You should set limits for your children.

Give yourself a break

Remember, you are not perfect, and you’d be setting yourself up for failure if you were striving for perfection. It’s okay to get frustrated at times. It is okay to need a break. You do not love your children any less by doing so.

Let your child be independent and responsible

Give your children a chance to be independent when they can. If they’re able to choose their clothes, get dressed, or eat on their own then let them. This includes when they are able to be responsible. Teach them to clean, pick up their toys, help with the dishes, sweeping, dusting, and more then allow them the independence to do so and be responsible.

Pick your battles

There are times where you may not want your child to do something, but you have to pick your battles. If they are not harming others or themselves then perhaps it’s not worth the fight.


Apologize when you are wrong. It does not matter if you are the parent or the adult it’s important that kids understand that you can be wrong and should apologize too.

Give them praise

Give them appropriate praise. Praise will nurture your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Make sure your praise is descriptive. Instead of saying “good job” you could say “I like the picture you drew, you made it so colorful.” When praise is used all the time, for instance if your child has not done anything, or if it is not descriptive, it can lose it’s impact.

Trust your gut

Remember you know your children better than anyone else. Trust your motherly instincts when it comes to their health and wellbeing. Also remember that they will make their own decisions. You will not always be able to control things but you can always be there for them when they need you.

Acknowledge your child’s emotions

Always acknowledge your child’s emotions and help them learn how to express them in a constructive manner.


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15 thoughts on “10 Ways to be an Outstanding Parent

  1. I have noticed how important it is for me to apologize to my kids when necessary. It sets a good example and makes us both feel better.

  2. Yes! These are all such great tips of encouragement. Right now, I’m unable to get a break and feel like I’m drowning. I need to focus on what matters!

  3. This is definitely something I’ve been trying to incorporate into my parenting style. Some of these tips was definitely something I had to learn. I’ve seen the different immediately. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is excellent, I love how you included to apologize. That it huge and I know some people that don’t think parents ever should! If you don’t you don’t address wrong behavior and model how to right wrongs though.

  5. I love this. Especially in light of what’s going on in the world, we’re spending most if not all of our time with our kids and it’s so easy to forget some of the basics of parenting when we’re overwhelmed. It’s such a good reminder to love on them and play with them, model for them, and giving them praise. Like any other person, they need all of these things! My biggest challenge is choosing our battles. It’s been great though because we’re learning to navigate around what’s worth letting go of, and what’s worth standing behind.

  6. These are definitely things we incorporate in our parenting. It’s so important to apologize to your kids and showed them how important it is. Great list!

  7. I try and play a lot with my children and i believe its so beneficial for them having 100% my attention…also for my sanity, i always choose my battles?

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