10 Outstanding Deals on School Supplies to Help Out Your Kid’s Teachers

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Back to school is approaching and as parents we should be providing for our children. The argument is out there, back to school is expensive, the supplies are expensive, which is true, but we also have teachers out their spending so much on our children, to teach our children, to make sure they have supplies in their classroom out of their own pocket. So when you’re buying supplies perhaps consider buying extra in order to help out the teachers. Especially now, during Covid-19 students should not be sharing supplies. This means teachers need more…

Here’s some great deals on essentials in most classrooms. *affiliate links*

1 Subject Notebooks- Wide Ruled

Sharpie Highlighters


Pink Erasers

Loose Leaf Paper

Expo Markers

Twin Pocket Folders

Avery Glue Sticks

Elmer’s Glue





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6 thoughts on “10 Outstanding Deals on School Supplies to Help Out Your Kid’s Teachers

  1. Thank you for sharing these! My husband teaches 4th grade, and yes, we would love to buy everything his students will need for the year. (Because sadly the school doesn’t provide it.) But while he is thinking of his kids at school, I have to keep in mind our kids at home. They have needs too! Teachers aren’t in it for the money. They ask for these things because they want to give their students the very best AND feed their families at home.

  2. Very useful post! And timely for me to run across, since my girls go back tomorrow. It saddens me so much that school districts can no longer afford to supply so many of the “basics” for their teachers and students. My girls each brought in a jumbo-sized sanitizer bottle for their school preview day, and each have a big can of sanitizing wipes for their first official day tomorrow.

  3. It helps to know about some deals to help save on school supplies. I have started buying some things in bulk since I have two kids. So having pencils ready that I don’t have to sharpen is great!

  4. I’ve been wondering what the school supply list is going to look like now that our district has decided remote learning for all.

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