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10 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

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I love Halloween and I love to celebrate by decorating the house. Also, I love to create things myself and do it a lot myself. I’ve always been a very crafty person. I draw, crochet, paint, sew, and really want to get into woodworking. So of course I want to start making my own decor for the holidays. Here are some great DIY Halloween Decor ideas.

Halloween Soap


Mummy Pumpkins

from Kate & Company

Halloween Ornament Wreath


Climbing Skeletons

from DIY Party Mom

Flicker Spider Lights

from The TipToe Fairy

Easy Halloween Shadow Box

by Cooking My Dreams

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

by Hooked on Patterns

Boo Pallet 

by Ann’s Entitled Life

Halloween Floral Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

by The Denver Housewife

DIY Wooden Pumpkins

by Drugstore Divas


What are you favorite Halloween decorations? Did you buy them? Did you make them? I’d love to see.



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  1. ashley t says:

    These are some cute Halloween decor ideas and a lot of these I can do with my daughter.

  2. I love all of the crafting ideas! It’s a great head start for getting ready for Halloween

  3. omg these are so cute, can’t wait to do all of them! Is it too early to start?

  4. Forever Freckled Blog says:

    Absolutely love these DIY ideas! These will definitely keep the kids busy during these unpredictable times!

  5. I like the mummy pumpkins idea. I may actually use it for a post I have coming up.

  6. i love that shadow box as well as the diy pumpkins and the spider lights.. those are things we can change around a bit and use seasonally too..

  7. Monica Simpson says:

    Those spider lights and wooden pumpkins were my favorites!

  8. ashley t says:

    These are some great ideas for diy decor for halloween. I LOVE that floral pumpkin vase.

  9. I love the Halloween soap idea. It’s so clever and makes a huge impact.

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