Two Vlogs for Daily, Energetic, Wholesome Family Fun

Two Vlogs I Follow and What I Find Intriguing and Entertaining About Them

For quite a bit of this year I’ve been following The Gardner Quad Squad and This is How We Bingham on Youtube. These two vlogging families have quite a bit of overlap in their viewers because they personally know each other, show up in each others vlogs, and promote each others vlogs to their own community of followers.

The Gardner Quad Squad

I began with watching The Gardner Quad Squad.  I was introduced to them, like many I’m sure, when Ashley’s video went viral hiding in her pantry trying to take a break from her 4 adorable, rambunctious girls.

These quadruplets are almost exactly a year older then my daughter Gwendolyn and I found it intriguing to watch them grow, learn, and evolve over the year and see how my daughter was following along the same milestones. I don’t live far from the Gardners or Binghams and that also draws me to them a little, knowing they’re close.

The Gardners have gone through a long infertility struggle that has sling shot them into a community they themselves say they feel blessed to have.

Many of their followers I’m sure are others who can related due to their own infertility struggle. Having that connection has gained them some amazingly loyal followers. Other followers, like myself, who don’t truly understand that struggle, because we have not gone through it, love watching their wholesome daily vlogs. The four beautiful girls are little miracles. I enjoy watching their little Indie, Esme, Scarlett, and Evangeline.

This is How We Bingham

The Binghams, from the vlog, This is How We Bingham, are also great entertainment. They fill every video with such joy and energy I don’t quite remember how I started following them but I’m sure it was probably through the Gardners. There are days where I’ll watch the Binghams and totally forget to watch the Gardners just because it was so joyful. There’s a different experience in watching their family mostly because the kids age ranges are different and so they have different activities daily.

Both families are great about keeping active with their kids and doing things as a family. This includes going to the corn maze, going to the park to play regularly, going shopping with all the kids, going to the zoo, etc. I would be lying if I said that didn’t make me a little jealous, or at least a little defeated, perhaps I should be doing more with my little ones.

One things I appreciate about both families and I have not seen discussed much is that they share their faith but by no means make it the center of their vlogs or push it on their viewers. I am Christian, they are LDS. I love the vlogs, in them they enjoy their blessings, their miracle quadruplets, their family time, and their love for one another. It has been a great joy to watch them.

If you feel so inclined hop over to The Gardner Quad Squad and This is How We Bingham on Youtube and check them out.

Gardner Quad Squad

This is How We Bingham



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  1. What a fabulous and positive post! Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. Sarahsageadvice says:

      Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too. 🙂

  2. I follow these vlogs too! I love how honest and funny they both are 🤗

  3. Thank you for sharing. I don’t follow too many vlogs but, I do remember that video of her.

  4. Meagan says:

    These sound like great vlogs to follow. I really need to start watching and following more vlogs

  5. I loved that video too and learning more about them here! What an adorable family!

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