The Dreaded Topic of Abortion

Recently there have been a lot of people gaining more interest in politics due to the recent political climate. If nothing else, I say this as someone who DOES NOT support Trump and his administration, Trump has definitely helped get people more active and vocal. I never considered myself a very political person. I have my opinions but I would not necessarily share them or make them well known before this last year. I am, like many I know, finding a greater need to be vocal and opinionated.

That being said, there is one topic I have very strong opinions about but still can find it hard to discuss, pro-choice vs. pro-life, the dreaded topic of abortion.

I’ll state right away, I consider myself pro-choice, but by no means does pro-choice mean I’m pro-abortion. I have been lucky enough to never be in the situation where I had to contemplate having an abortion. Because I’ve never been in that situation I cannot realistically tell you I absolutely would have had or not had an abortion. I do find great value and pride in knowing currently I would have had that choice.

I love kids and I have always wanted a family. I currently am married and have a beautiful one-year-old daughter and am pregnant with my second child, a baby boy. Considering I’m very privileged, and admit so as often as possible, I had easy access to birth control when I became sexually active and I have very open and mindful parents that supported me no matter what. I did have a few scares but they were more, a day late period, forgot to take one pill, kind of scare. I cannot say I’ve never been sexually assaulted but I have never been raped. I never had to worry about pregnancy from an aggressor. Because I have never felt these things I do not claim to be empathetic to those that have because I DO NOT TRULY know what they’ve been through. Since I don’t know I cannot judge their decisions.

Now there are all kinds of arguments that are pro-life versus pro-choice. There are also many arguments that bash or downgrade the other side. I understand the pro-life stance. I am NOT pro-abortion. I wish every child that is conceived would have an opportunity to be born in a safe and loving environment. But that just isn’t true. The argument is made there are so many families that would be willing to adopt. Yes there are many families willing to adopt but there are also consistently over 100,000 children waiting to be adopted in foster care, according to the AFCARS Report from the Administration for Children and Families. (

Also adoption is expensive. I personally would be more then willing to adopt a child but I don’t foresee my husband and I ever being able to afford it. The average total cost for adoption using an agency is $39,966 and an independent adoption costs on average $34, 093. (

Adoption is a viable option for moms that find they are pregnant and unable to take care of the child themselves I just wonder how many children are already born and waiting for a family of their own.

I am very consciounscious about not stating a “fact” as if it’s true for all lumped in a particular group. For example it would be wrong of me to state all pro-life advocates are anti-birth control I know that’s not necessarily true. A very strong argument the pro-choice side is for the increase of readily available birth control and sex education. Study after study has shown that the more educated people are about birth control and sex, the less unwanted pregnancies happen. The less unwanted pregnancies the lower chances of the need for abortions. (

I argue this. There are so many children in need to be adopted that are already born. Lets focus on them. We need to focus on the homeless population, the drug and alcohol abusers, the veterans, we need to focus on saving our citizens that are already born and need of help. Also, no matter if you’re pro-choice or pro-abortion, seriously consider what we teach are children today. I can argue to days end that simply teaching abstinence is hindering our children and many will go into defense in an instant. Sex is not a bad thing, it is beautiful, it is pleasurable, it is necessary to a healthy self-discovery. Teach your child what is safe, give them access to birth control, teach them to wait until they are ready, but do not degrade their decision when they do have sex. The more we teach our children and give them the safe tools they need the less abortion will truly be an issue.




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