5 Tips for Handling Stress Over the Holidays

I can be a highly stressed and anxious person. A lot of the time, if you don’t see me daily, I can hide it, but those that know me well, see me often, know it and can read me easily. My husband is one of those people. He can read me, he won’t necessarily know what is wrong or bothering me but he always knows when something is. I will not claim that I’m any master at handling stress but these are tips I’m hoping to implement myself and hope they’ll help.

31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice: Self Talk and Stress

How we experience life is directly correlated to language. Being able to name an item, an emotion, a situation, without language we have no descriptors. This is a big reason why our self talk has such a powerful impact in our lives. How we talk, especially how we talk to ourselves, can impact our mood …