31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice: Positivity Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is our ability to be fully aware and present where we are and what we are doing. This means not being distracted by outside forces, thoughts, and emotions. When we are constantly negative, anxious, or upset about situations we can focus on them even when out of the situation. We can be watching a …

Self-Love: Why It’s Important to Love Oneself

As Valentine’s Day approaches I see, like every year, ads, on social media, on commercials, and in stores, pitching gift sales for your loved ones. Yes, it is very important to display your love and gratitude for the people around you but I tend to argue that just once a year, on a holiday, is an excuse. It should be done year-round. What I fail to see around this time of year is the importance of self-love and I think that is a huge failing to society as a whole.