10 Outstanding Deals on School Supplies to Help Out Your Kid’s Teachers

Back to school is approaching and as parents we should be providing for our children. The argument is out there, back to school is expensive, the supplies are expensive, which is true, but we also have teachers out their spending so much on our children, to teach our children, to make sure they have supplies […]

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Mental Illness

Mental Health Awareness Month: What Can You Do To Help?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. What is the purpose of bring awareness about mental health? Well today there is a stigma towards mental illness. Like many things it has come along way but there is still so much more room to grow. How is Mental Health Stigmatized? There are two types of stigma that […]

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For Dad
For Mama

My Daughter’s Speech Delay is NOT a Reflection of My Parenting

There are so many things in parenthood that cause us to worry. So many aspects that make us wonder, “are we doing well by our children?” My daughter was diagnosed with a speech delay at around 21 months old. She just turned 2.5 years old (30 months). At her 18 month check up our doctor […]

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