Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas I’d Love

I admit, I’m hard to shop for and I’m not the easiest to buy for Valentine’s Day. I really never think that I am hard to shop for. If I was asked I could tell anyone a good three or four reasonable things I’d love, but I’ve still been told I’m hard to shop for. Why? Partially because if I truly NEED it, I’ll just go get it. Also because I’m a mom. I know this sounds like an excuse to anyone that isn’t a mom but it’s the truth. I’m a mom and because of that I put my kids first. If someone asks me what I’d like I tend to say things I’d like for the kids. However, there are many things I’d like they’re just not very tangible.

Gift Guide for Girls 2-5 Years Old

I love kids during the age of toddlerhood and preschool. They are so fun as they start exploring, growing an imagination, and coming into their own personalities. I always love looking at many different fun toys and gift ideas for kids this age range. *affiliate links* Here are some great gift ideas for girls 2-5 …

6 Amazing Gifts for Your Introverted Friend

If you look up the definition of introversion it’ll say, or most likely because this is exactly what I just found, “The quality of being shy and reticent.” I have issues with this definition. First off, introversion is a spectrum. There’s many different qualities introverts have and do not have. Some may be shy, yes. …

Valentine’s Day: DIY Strawberry Sugar Scrub

Valentine’s Day is coming and no matter if you’re dating, single, or married there’s one thing you should definitely do this holiday and that is to do something for yourself. Self care and self love is so very important no matter the time of year. A great way to practice some self care this Valentine’s …

4 Amazing Gender Neutral Toys

 I’ve always been pretty adamant that I try to keep items for my kids as gender neutral as possible. I will buy my daughter dress with flowers on them and I will by my son onesies with Dinosaurs on them because there’s just some things with society that has gender roles so engrained you cannot avoid them. But when at all possible I try to do what I can to teach my children that “boy” toys and “girl” toys are nonsense. So here are some toys that I find are great for gender neutrality.