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Purity Culture Series: An In-Depth Look at Toxic Purity!

I was raised in a Lutheran church until I was in Jr. High. My parents were never strict religiously. They had their beliefs, but what I remember was a very open home to differences in cultures and beliefs. That’s what I remember, as an adult I have found I had a bit of a jaded view of my home life. Of course, most kids do.

For me, I do not remember a true “sex talk” from my parents. My mom would jokingly say “sex, drugs, rock n’roll… don’t do it.” My mother would mention waiting but it never was really put on me that waiting meant until marriage. But I did see first-hand how sexual repression can cause issues as you age, go through puberty, and come in to your own.

I live in a very conservative and Republican state. Idaho is the second largest population of Latter-Day Saints. As I have aged, become a mother, and start raising my own children I have learned a lot about Religion, especially strict, evangelical religions, and how they can have many harmful practices.

The idea of purity and purity culture is on the top of my list of harmful religious views.

To really delve into Purity Culture, what it is, lessons taught, and how they are harmful. I’ll be writing a series of posts throughout January and February that will touch on different aspects of purity and Purity Culture.

Purity Culture Series:

Common beliefs by evangelical religions that is considered to be a part of “Purity Culture”

Purity Culture Trauma

Purity Culture and LGBTQ

Purity Culture and Divorce



The Bible and Jesus

Harmful religious quotes and sayings about sex.

Modest dress

Choice and Bodily Autonomy

Lessons Purity Culture teaches boys and men

Taking back control


Each post will be linked as they are written and published.




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