My Understanding of My Religion and an Intro to My View on Christianity and Politics


I’m very much a liberal in my political views. I would not call myself a Democrat because depending on the issue I may not agree with the Democratic side but for most issues I lean liberal. That being said I’m a Christian. I do not know what happened to make it seem like all Christian’s are Republicans and intolerant. I know many extremist Christians, Evangelical Christians, are very loud, proud, and make their selves known, and in doing so there has been a major backlash at the religion or people that do believe.

Tolerance is defined as “the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.” It is fundamentally accepted by many in society today that Christians are not tolerant. They cannot accept other people’s opinions or view points. I don’t understand this. It makes me sad that Christianity is judged as a whole, as if all people will be this way, but I also know many Christians judge as a whole as well. I do think a lot of problems with society today could be helped by everyone just simply agreeing that any one religion, culture, race, etc. cannot and should not be judged on a whole by what one person or one group of people do or believe.

One problem many Christians have in tolerating others is their belief that their faith is the one and only, true religion. This is where my beliefs differ. I am very adamant that I have faith in something being true. I have faith that God exists, I have faith that Jesus Christ died for my sins, I have faith that there is a heaven and I hope to God I’m a good enough person to go there when I die. I DO NOT however think that I’m absolutely right. I understand that I could be completely wrong. I do not believe that any one religion can ever be completely true. Each religion may have parts right and have other parts wrong. Just saying this reminds me of an episode of The Good Place, a new NBC TV show this season. I could not find a clip but it was from the first episode where they praise an everyday guy that was the closest at guessing the truth about the afterlife and nobody else ever guessed everything right.

I could go on and on about Christianity and many political issues. I plan to make a new blog post for each so I do not saturate too much into one post, jump around, and inundate you with one long post. I will be touching on Homosexuality, Transgender issues, same sex marriage, abortion, birth control, religion in schools, church and state and freedom of religion. My am open to friendly discussion, share with me, tell me about what you see, your views, how we can help separate the divide in so many of the political issues of today.



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