A Letter to My Younger Self

You’re about to graduate from high school and you have been very sad and upset over the last couple months. You have this fear of leaving what you know. You’ve done it before and it did not work out well. Your friends are leaving town, going to school, and you’re going to miss them.
You are going to learn quickly while going to college that life is hard, and after college, life is even harder. The first few years you may feel useless, unloved, lonely, but you’ll start to break out of your shell and get to know others, make new friends. Do not ever let your loneliness stop you or make you feel useless. Friends are wonderful to have but the fewer good friends you have the better. Having a lot of flighty friends just makes you feel worse.
You’ll work your ass on in school, graduate, and feel like a failure yet again because you are not hired at a full-time job right away, let alone a job that really utilizes your degree. Don’t give up. You’ll find your niche and it will not be where you expected.
The one thing that will make you feel the loneliest throughout high school and college is the yearning to find love. No boys seem to notice you but don’t worry, that’s because you’re not a boy type of girl. You don’t party yet you are easy going. Many guys you do meet are just not willing to take their time with you. You’ll find the one that does and he’ll be worth your time. You’ll meet one wrong man, but he’ll teach you a lot about relationships (good and bad) and you’ll never regret the experience.
Don’t be afraid to explore. Explore your friendships, the world around you, explore for yourself. Don’t be afraid of what others think about you, because ultimately they don’t matter. You doing what’s right for you, does. You’ll find yourself, your happiness, and where you want to be. Be patient.

With love,

Your older self.


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