1. Do not dumb yourself down for anyone. Knowledge is power be open minded to learn new things and remember what you know now may change.
  2. Toys, colors, activities, are not determined by gender. Do what you love. This includes playing in dirt, jumping, swinging, running. Get dirty if you want and play hard.
  3. Do not be afraid to do what you want even if it seems nobody else supports it.
  4. Speak your mind. Do not be afraid of other’s reactions. If they cannot handle it, they’re not worth to be around. Yet, remember people have knee-jerk reactions. Let them have time to process. Also remember to know your audience and the room. There are right and wrong times to speak your mind.
  5. Do not shun people because they have different opinions then you. Be respectful and considerate. You do not have to agree but you do have to be respectful.
  6. It is okay to take time to relax and do nothing. But once you’ve had that break get back up and work towards your goals.
  7. Educate yourself on political news. Understand what affects you and what doesn’t. Stand up for what is right even if it does not directly affect you.
  8. You do not have to decide what you want to do for your life in high school or even college. Remember if your mind changes and you find what you’re doing does not make you happy, then find something that does.
  9. I will never be mad at you for telling me the truth, I may be disappointed but that doesn’t change how much I love you.
  10. Remember that your relationships need face to face interaction. Whether it is your spouse, friends, or family. Do not just interact through text, Facebook, or whatever social media there is in 15 years.
  11. Do not buy expensive, sunglass, hats, dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, that may get ruined or lost.
  12. Be healthy but do not be afraid to enjoy yourself. Still go out, eat that cheeseburger or pizza when you just need to have something tasty and greasy. It’s okay.
  13. Do not be late if you can help it. Other factors always play into this but you can control yourself and your own ability to get up and ready on time.
  14. Be active, volunteer, join clubs, community activities, go to festivals, have fun and meet new people.
  15. Make sure you’re memorable and for good reasons. Be kind and respectful to people around you.
  16. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself when it’s needed. Do not let others walk over you. Do not be the doormat for anyone.
  17. Remember if someone is not making you happy, either tell them or remove them from your life. Nobody is worth pain, sadness, and anxiety. Enemies are not worth your time. Spend your time with people that make you happy.
  18. Purity is a crock
  19. Sex is for pleasure too, not just making babies, but always be safe.
  20. Remember everyone is going through something of their own. Usually people that are short, angry, jerks, are having a hard time. Sometimes it’s best to let it roll of your chest.
  21. Be a good friend to others. Listen to them. Let them complain and do not try to fix things unless they ask for your advice or opinion.
  22. You are strong.
  23. I do not care if someone buys you things, takes you to dinner, gives you gifts, you do not owe them anything. Do not feel obligated to do something you do not want to do.
  24. Support other women. There have been way too many problems gaining equality for women and half the time we are each other’s own worst enemies.
  25. Make travel a priority.
  26. Never let someone being disrespectful to you. Never think their disrespect could be a compliment. Learn what a true, respectful, compliment is.
  27. Do not be afraid to be assertive or “bossy.” Women will never become the boss if they always play submissive.
  28. It’s okay to think another person is handsome or beautiful even if you’re in a committed relationship. Just because you find someone attractive does not sway your or their devotion. This goes for letting your spouse find others attractive as long as their always devoted to you.
  29. Do not let others change you but be aware of situations that may be telling you to change yourself. Sometimes you need to grow and you should not be in your own way of that growth.
  30. It’s okay to not do or like the things your friends do. Do not act like you do just for them.
  31. A person deserves your respect no matter their race, sexuality, gender, or religion as long as they are kind and respectful towards you.
  32. Believe in guardian angels, believe in fate, believe in soul mates and believe in karma.
  33. Be passionate
  34. Feminist is not a bad label.
  35. Learn to say no. Do not stretch yourself too thin. Remember to keep time for yourself.
  36. Your sexuality does not define your morality. It does not matter who you love as long as they love you too.
  37. Do not be naïve.
  38. Everything in moderation. Anything can become a problem if it’s too much.
  39. Always say “I love you” before you leave. You never know when it’ll be the last time. Also do not go to bed angry and say “I love you” even if you are angry.
  40. Do not let fear hold you back.