Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Moms

Moms often get a lot of the work when it comes to taking care of house, home, kids, and during the holidays there is just added stress trying to make the season perfect for everyone in the family. Take the chance to show the mom in your life, whether it is your own mom, your …

How to Interact with the Autistic child in Your Family Over the Holidays

With most neuro-diverse children, like Autistic children, the Christmas season can be very overwhelming. This overwhelm can be hard for any neuro-typical child or adult to understand. There are many different ways during the holidays to make sure the Autistic child in your family is not completely left out and ignored due to their differences. …

10 Christmas Traditions for Family Fun

My husband and I have a pretty “young” family. We have been married for just shy of three years, our oldest will be two in a week, and we are trying to gear through what traditions we would like to create as a family. We’ve both grown up with Christmas traditions, many the same, many different, and we are working on possibly changing it up a bit with our own family.

Keep Kids Safe in Winter Weather

Winter is here and one thing that means for many of us is cold weather, wind, storms, and perhaps even a lot of snow. Outdoor activities with the family and for your kids do not have to be out of the question in the cold weather, but there are definitely different measures to take to …

Gift Guide for Girls 2-5 Years Old

I love kids during the age of toddlerhood and preschool. They are so fun as they start exploring, growing an imagination, and coming into their own personalities. I always love looking at many different fun toys and gift ideas for kids this age range. *affiliate links* Here are some great gift ideas for girls 2-5 …

22 Lessons I Want My Children to Learn About Christmas!

Christmas has become many things. Christmas is commercial, Christmas is religious, Christmas is contradiction after contradiction and often Christmas is hypocritical. I am a Christian and I cannot deny these things. So how do I teach my children about something that is all these things? How do I teach my children the good and the bad? Or do I? Do I sugar coat the holiday? Do I just give them the Bible? Do I just repeat what preacher after preacher might tell us?

How to Make Achievable New Years Goals

There are many negative connotations to ‘New Year’s Resolutions,’ because of these negative connotations I tend to use ‘Goals’ over ‘Resolutions’. ‘Resolutions’ means you resolve to do something but often times these resolutions are not achievable.