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22 Lessons I Want My Children to Learn About Christmas!

Christmas has become many things. Christmas is commercial, Christmas is religious, Christmas is contradiction after contradiction and often Christmas is hypocritical. I am a Christian and I cannot deny these things. So how do I teach my children about something that is all these things? How do I teach my children the good and the bad? Or do I? Do I sugar coat the holiday? Do I just give them the Bible? Do I just repeat what preacher after preacher might tell us?

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28 Best Christmas Movies

One of my absolutely favorite parts of the Christmas holidays is snuggling on the couch in warm blankets with some hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. With my family or even just on my own to relax at the end of a long day. These are some of my favorite Christmas movies. What movie did …

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How to Separate Birthday Festivities from Christmas

My daughter’s birthday is December 21st. She was actually due December 26th. I’m very glad she came a few days early. Anyway, so far she doesn’t really understand Christmas a ton. She’s going to be five this year and we haven’t made a huge deal over Christmas at home over the last couple years since …

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6 Fun Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

I love finding fun craft ideas for my kids especially around the holidays. As Thanksgiving is getting closer I found some great craft ideas. I hope they’re just as fun for you and your kids. Make a Thankful Tree with Your Child This Thanksgiving I love Thanksgiving for the opportunity to teach our children about …

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Hosting Thanksgiving To Do List

Hosting Thanksgiving can definitely be a daunting task. How you want the meal and family time is totally up to you. It can be a big elaborate affair or a small, intimate, and simple meal, either way it’s good to be prepared and start those preparations early. In order to plan here’s a breakdown of …

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11 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I give you the history of the holiday is not really something to celebrate. Really there are several holidays that are like this. What I like, however, is the excuse to get family together and eat. As I’ve grown, married and built my own family I’ve found excuses …

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Teaching My Kids What it Truly Means to be a Patriot

Over the last four years in the United States the divide between the two major political parties has become drastically larger. Both attacking the other over political and moral differences. Over this time there has been this vast idea that one party, the Republican party, is a party of patriots and the Democratic party is …

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10 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to celebrate with your kids but with a twist. I tend to be a bit different than what you learn in school. I’ll teach my children the truth about the relationship between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. But even with the sorted past, Thanksgiving has a lesson to teach …